The Year We Fasted Alone

We’re making a documentary FILMED BY YOU!

DEADLINE to submit EXTENDED to FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2020!

How will you remember this unprecedented time in history? Capture your RAMADAN DURING COVID19 (and EID!). Film your reality and share your voice with the world and future generations!


WHAT TO SEND: Videos (UNEDITED!), Photos, Audio of your COVID19 Ramadan reality (and / or including your EID experience). They can be similar to social media style posts (CANDID and UNEDITED), home-movie style video, or something more cinematic. Wherever your creativity leads you! You can film yourself, or others in your life. Don’t just film yourself or others talking, try to SHOW us your world! For example, If your talking about how you are cooking more traditional food, show us what you’re making! If you say you miss someone, show us how you are connecting with them. See below for more ideas and questions! We are looking for material that is PERSONAL, INSPIRING, ENGAGING, MOVING, ORDINARY and EXTRAORDINARY.

DO NOT SEND: Photo slideshows or edited videos with filters, effects, text and music.

HOW MUCH TO SEND: one or more videos as short as 10 seconds or as long as 5 minutes in total (approximately).

WHAT TO USE: Your phone camera or any other camera you have. Resolution must be 1920 x 1080. (check your phone settings to confirm).

WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE: EVERYONE! Young and old, all backgrounds, all genders! Around the world! From skilled content creators to anyone who wants to share their story!

WHERE TO SEND: See below


The goal of this film is to creatively document how Muslims globally are experiencing Ramadan and Eid 2020 during this unprecedented time. We are inviting people from around the world to be CO-CREATORS of this film. We hope it can be a platform to express the diversity of Muslim experiences and also highlight some of the struggles and triumphs of our time.


Please note that if you submit material, you are giving Snow Angel Films permission to use your content in connection with this project, as well as screen, broadcast and distribute your content globally and in perpetuity. We may or may not use some or all of your content. Much will depend on what we receive and how the film will be edited to flow smoothly. Please also note that you will not receive financial or other remuneration in exchange for your content. Snow Angel Films will not be held liable for any infringement or violation of personal and/or property rights of any sort based upon the use of your recordings. Participants under 18 years of age who appear in or submit video, must have permission from a parent or guardian. Parents / guardians can indicate permission by stating so in a video. We appreciate and respect everyone’s contributions and will do our utmost to create something meaningful to document this significant time in our history.


• While creating your content, please STAY SAFE and continue to observe social distancing and hygiene protocols.
• Set your phone resolution to 1920×1080.
• We prefer video in landscape mode (horizontal).
• DO NOT EDIT YOUR VIDEO! We need your raw ORIGINAL clips. DO NOT PUT filters, effects, music, titles or captions on your video (unless they are a part of your “story.” For example if you are a Youtuber, you might want to send a sample video you made along with the unedited video of your personal story.
• If you are filming yourself talking, find a quiet place to ensure clear audio.
• Avoid wearing clothes with logos or name brands.
• BE CREATIVE! Try using different angles. Change up your compositions. For example, use close up shots and wide shots, moving shots and static shots.
• Be conscious of SOUND. If someone is speaking, try to ensure we can hear them. Also, try to capture sounds that will elevate your story. (for example, birds or athan at Fajr time or sights and sounds of your home / city / town / landscape to give us context of where you live.)
• Instead of only talking on camera, try to SHOW us your world. Remember images are worth 1000 words!
• Film with the viewer in mind. If your video is extremely shaky or if sounds are too loud, the viewer will have trouble watching it.
• Feel free to also send voice memos or photos (including older photos, for example, of loved ones you are remembering this Ramadan).


We welcome videos in any language. Please indicate what language you are speaking and where you live so that we can ensure accurate translation.


These questions are meant to guide your filming, however, they are NOT meant to limit your creativity! You might choose to explore ONE OR MORE (BUT NOT ALL) of the questions below. Whichever ones resonate with you. OR just freestyle! For example, you might choose to film a candid conversation with your parents or someone preparing a meal without dialogue. Keep in mind that film is a visual medium so remember to SHOW us as much as possible so we get a sense of your story. Think of what you would find interesting to watch.

Where are you?
Who are you with?
What are you doing?
What are you cooking?
What are you eating?
When are you eating? (ie when do you have suhoor and iftaar?)
What does Ramadan mean to you?
Who do you miss?
What is the same?
What do you fear?
What are you anxious about?
What are your hopes?
What do you want?
What will you do differently?
Why are you sad?
Why are you angry?
Why are you happy?


Ramadan is going by fast so please start sending your videos to us as soon as possible! The DEADLINE is FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2020.


An email with:

Your Full Name
How you would like to be identified in the film
Where you live (city / town, country)
Language spoken in the videos
Recorded permission (if under 18)
Your content!

SEND CONTENT TO: using Google Drive or a Dropbox link.


use WeTransfer which allows free file transfer for up to 2GB of content at a time.

Please send all content in its BEST QUALITY (uncompressed) and UNEDITED.


If you have any questions, please message us through Facebook –


email at:

Thank you in advance and may you have a blessed Ramadan!

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