Arctic Mosque Media Page

As the Arctic Mosque traveled from Winnipeg to Inuvik, media coverage was constant across Canada. Television broadcast channels, CBC (English and French), CTV, and APTN have followed the mosque’s journey from Winnipeg.

It was front page news in the Globe & Mail on September 2, and the Edmonton Journal on September 5.

Radio broadcasts were also made by CBC Radio French and English, CBC Radio-Canada International in Arabic and English, APTN, and local shows.

It also caught the eye of international news circuits, including Agence France Presse, and Al Arabiya (Saudi).

Saira was interviewed during the filming of Arctic Mosque in Inuvik by

On March 14, 2012, the filmmakers were among twelve presenters at the CBC Scene and Heard event, where they debuted the Arctic Mosque movie trailer. They were interviewed by CBC Scene on Air, CBC Information Radio, and CBC North.

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